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Elevate Your Online Presence with Our Expert Web Design & Development Services

Crafting Visually Stunning and Functionally Superior Websites for Your Digital Success and Customer Engagement.



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Website Development
web design and Development

Website Design & Development

Our web design and development team creates stunning, user-friendly websites that captivate your audience.

Mobile Apps Development
Mobile app development

Mobile Apps Development

Our mobile app development experts craft innovative and responsive apps for all platforms.

Digital Marketing
digital marketing

Digital Marketing

Embrace the future of marketing with our digital marketing solutions to drive growth and success.

Graphics Design
graphic design

Graphics Design & Branding Solutions

Graphic design is the art of transforming ideas into visually appealing concepts.

E-Commerce Development
E-Commerce Development

E-Commerce Development

We empower businesses to create stunning online stores, driving sales and engagement with intuitive design and seamless payments.

Software Development
Laravel Website Development. Lavavel Software Developement

Software Development

Crafting robust web applications with clean code and security, leveraging Laravel’s power.

Who We Are!

We are a group of IT Experts who work in this era and Accelerate your Information and Technology to the next level.

At AIT-Softs, our mission is to be the driving force behind our clients’ digital success. We are committed to delivering creative, tailored web design and development solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations. Our vision is to lead the way in the ever-evolving world of web technology. We strive to set new industry standards, continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation, and providing our clients with websites that serve as powerful assets in their online presence.

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Our Working Process

Our framework consists of 4 stages that deliver high-performing products & services



Define client goals, needs, and expectations through open communication and brainstorming.

Planning & Design

Create a detailed blueprint, incorporating layout, graphics, and user experience elements.

Development & Execute

Turn the design into a functional website, rigorously testing and optimizing.

Project Handover

Finalize and transfer the site, along with documentation and training.


Notes from our customers.

John SmithUpwork Client

Working with Mohidul was very easy. He responds quickly, and completes tasks quickly. He built our website very quickly and was very patient and happy to comply with the many changes that we made! He was a pleasure to work with and I definitely plan on hiring him again!"

Andre P.Upwork Client

Mohidul is a highly skilled Full-Stack Web Developer, who I have had the pleasure of working with him on many different projects, from dynamic websites to even dynamic web applications. He is a true architect when it comes to web dev, he understands it’s not just about the stack (tech) you use, it also important to understand the goals and objectives a project is suppose to achieve.

Aura SmithUpwork Client

Very Knowledgeable --Expert Level in Word Press and Plugin Development!
Has created highly-customized website with powerful features.
I have used Upwork Consultants for over 5 years and Mohammed is indeed an expert level performer without any doubt.
Truthful, Honest, Efficient, and above all hardworking!

Eve CrawfordUpwork Client

It's been 4 years in the making and it has been a great ride working with Mohidul he is not just a great wordpress developer/web developer but he is a great person to talk to. I enjoyed the 4 years we worked together on multiple Projects and task together he is great team player, his communication is very detailed and efficient letting you know about issues, progress and updates on projects.

Jack GrahamUpwork Client

Very quick to respond to requests and messages! I don't think he sleeps or takes a day off! I would message him on the weekends and all times during the day and he would message me back in less than an hour!

Zak ReidUpwork Client

Very hard worker who is extremely responsive. Detail focused and understood all of my edits and corrections easily and fixed them quickly. I highly recommend him.

Jake SmithUpwork Client

Mohidul was fantastic to work with. Instantly responsive, very professional, and handled all of my needs without any issues. He took my very basic wordpress site and made it look great, allowed me to continue tweaking things and customizing, and also gave me instructions for how to do things myself when I needed to be able to do things independently. It was a quick process and I would highly recommend him for other jobs.

Clients and Partners

We have a strong enthusiasm for collaborating with inquisitive technophiles to create intriguing and practical innovations.

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